Life. How’s yours going? Mine is great…is what you’re supposed to say for politeness’ sake. Same way it’s consired inapporiate to say how you honestly are when someone asks you how you are. If you don’t want to know don’t ask me then! Geez.

how are you

I digress. They say life is a journey. This one of the roads I’m taking on my journey. I intend to be mightly and unapologetically honest with myself to aid my growth. For that reason, this will be an uncomfortably personal platform and I’m not sure I want watch an audience shift in their sits at the sight of my most bare form.

However, if I do invite you for the ride, I wouldn’t advice you to fasten your seat belt because the things you see might make you want to get off once in a while. Just be sure to come back and ride with me.


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